What to Expect

At Covenant you will meet a warm group of authentic people dedicated to following Jesus. We realize church can be an intimidating place to visit – especially if you don’t know what to expect. Wherever you are on your journey, we hope this is a hospitable community in which you feel welcomed and free to worship God.

When you walk in the door

Every Sunday there are greeters at the doors off of Howard Ave. eager to meet you. They will offer you a flier which includes the liturgy or order of the service for that morning, as well as announcements and information about what is happening in our church community.

During the service

Our services last about an hour and fifteen minutes. This time includes music, prayer, Bible reading, and preaching. As well as scheduled times of celebrating baptism and Communion.

We have a greeting time for about 5 minutes during the service, which is a wonderful way to meet those seated around you. At this point in the service, children are dismissed to go to their time of teaching during the sermon. Parents are welcome to go with their children to drop them off and have time to return to the service.

Join us after

After our services we have coffee, donuts, fruits, and vegetables in the gathering area outside the sanctuary. We invite you to stay a few minutes, enjoy a snack and some conversation.